May 5, 2009

Quote Game- Sisters

Welcome to this week's Quote Game. The topic for this week is Sisters. Please leave a comment with your quote(s) on sisters.

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Here is the quote that I left with you last week:
"I'm an allogeneic donor--a perfect sibling match. When Kate needs leukocytes or stem cells or bone marrow to fool her body into thinking it's healthy, I'm the one who provides them. Nearly every time Kate's hospitalized, I wind up there too." -My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Next Tuesday:

Next week's topic to look for in your reading is Sound.

Here is a quote to get you started for next week:

"How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night,
Like softest music to attending ears!"
-from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


  1. I read that book several years ago and am very excited there's a movie coming out soon.

    I'm reading a book with LOTS of sister quotes right now, but not what you'd expect!

    "Whatever there was to her life before the Sisters of the Dark, it was lost to her now."

    "Kahlan herself had often enough been brought tears, all because of those Sisters of the Dark, but especially Sister Ulicia."

    "Kahlan thought he very well might break her neck. She wished he would; then there would be one less Sister for Kahlan to worry about."

    "She never said a word to us, of course, to other Sisters of the Dark, but back at the Palace of the Prophets she gave up a great deal - things I would never have imagined her giving up - in exchange for me naming her to be one of his teachers."

    That's all for now. I'll let someone else do a few!

  2. I loved 'My Sister's Keeper'. It was one of my favorite books by Picoult. My quotes this week are from my current read, 'Silver Bay' by JoJo Moyes. Both quotes are from different characters that have lost their sisters.

    'Sometimes I can see her mother, my little sister, in Liza. She's there in the way Liza tilts her head when she's thinking, in her thin strong fingers, in her smile when she sees her daughter ... It's that jolt of recognition when suddenly you see not only her mother, but your great-uncle Evan, your grandmother, perhaps even yourself. I have been grateful for this knowledge, these last five years. Those glimpses of familial brow, frown or giggle have made up, in some small way, for the loss of my sister.' (Page 61)

    'I don't really talk about her because Mum gets too upset,' I said as I backed out, trying not to hit my head, 'but I still miss her.' I couldn't really say more than that. It still felt too difficult.

    'I hate my sister,' she said. 'She's a witch. I'd love to be an only.'

    I couldn't explain it properly to here - but I'll always have a sister. Letty not being alive any more doesn't make me an only, just half of what I was. (Page 133)

  3. Sorry this is off topic: You're more than welcome to join the Tale of Genji read-along! I'm glad you'll be reading with me. :) I have to come up with a reading schedule, which should not ask for more than three chapters a week in commitment.

  4. Tonya & Kerri- Terrific quotes! I liked all of them!

    Matt- I'm psyched!

  5. Here is another one:

    "And I, Mr. Knightley, am equally stout in my confidence of its not doing them any harm. With all dear Emma's little faults, she is an excellent creature. Where shall we see a better daughter, or a kinder sister, or a truer friend?" -Emma by Jane Austen

  6. One more I had tagged from House of Daughters by Sarah-Kate Lynch. (Which was a great read).

    "The Peine sisters swapped astonished looks. It didn't happen that often and felt quite strange. Mathilde noticed for the first time that Clementine actually looked younger than her age. Clementine noticed that Mathilde's eyes were a pale yellowy green, the exact color of ripened chardonnay. Sophie noticed that if you took away Clementine's redness and plumpness and Mathilde's blondness and tightness, the sisters actually looked quite alike." (Page 133)


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