May 9, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

STORY #: 23
FOUND AT - Daily Lit
DATE READ- May 8, 2009
RATING- 4 Stars
QUOTE- "But one day a few weeks after his twelfth birthday, while looking in the mirror, Benjamin made, or thought he made, an astonishing discovery. Did his eyes deceive him, or had his hair turned in the dozen years of his life from white to iron-gray under its concealing dye? Was the network of wrinkles on his face becoming less pronounced? Was his skin healthier and firmer, with even a touch of ruddy winter colour? He could not tell. He knew that he no longer stooped, and that his physical condition had improved since the early days of his life."

STORY- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the story of a child who was born an old man and who grew younger, instead of older, with every passing year. He relates to his grandfather at the age of five and finds kindergarten boring, as the encyclopedia is much more interesting. He finds love, marries, has a son, runs the family business, fights in a war, and goes to college. He can no longer relate to his wife, nor can his son relate to him. He has become too young to understand.

REVIEW- I have not seen the movie, but I am very interested to see how they adapted this story to the big screen. Fitzgerald's short is a masterpiece of imagination, particularly for the time in which it was written. I enjoyed reading the story, which was e-mailed to me by Daily Lit. In fact, I did not read it in daily bites, but in one giant feast, gobbling up each section with fascination of what was to come. I might have felt the short story lacked if I had seen the movie first, which is sure to have added some elements (for Benjamin Button and his wife were not together in many scenes in the story). However, reading this first was definitely a pleasant reading experience and another reason why I love Fitzgerald as a writer.

Here is a link to a review for this short story by DeSeRt RoSe.


  1. I thought this story was intriguing and left lots of room for thought. The movie is very different, except for the basic story.

  2. It's an interesting premise. For some reason I had no interest in seeing the movie but I could see giving the short story a try. Thanks for the review!

  3. I enjoyed this story too and gave it 4 stars as well..

    I linked to your review, I hope you don't mind ..

  4. I'd like to both read this short story and watch the movie. The Great Gatsby is the only F. Scott Fitzgerald I've read, but it's one of my favorites.

  5. Very nice review, Rebecca.
    Came by to wish you and your mom a Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments!

    Bermudaonion- I am interested to see how the movie and the short story compare.

    Ali- The short story is different than the movie, but may be a good indicator if you'd enjoy the movie at all.

    Desert Rose- I put your link in my post! Thank you for linking to mine!

    Charley- See, you just keep indicating your fabulous taste. Gatsby is one of my favorite novels.

    TheChicGeek- Thank you, Kelly! I hope you had a spectacular Mother's Day yourself!

  7. I did see this movie and then became curious to read the story to see how it was originally ... from what I can tell, they took the basic concept and then expanded it out quite a bit. :)


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