May 28, 2009

Book Mooch Lottery- FYI

For those who want to know, Book Mooch is having its 3rd Annual Lottery. Go here to get more info. To register with Book Mooch, click here.

How to play the lottery:

1.) Choose your favorite author from the list below (go to lottery page on BM to view list).

2.) Also select a Bookmooch charity you would like to support.

This is our charity page

3.) Buy your lottery ticket(s) by first clicking 'charity' from your member home page and then typing in 'lottery' in the box at the base of the screen. Select how many points to give from the drop-down menu, and be sure and enter both your chosen author's name and your charity group in the box that appears.

How it works:

You can buy as many tickets as you like. Each additional point/ticket will increase both your share in the winnings and your charitable donation if your author is randomly chosen. But no matter how many points you give, you can only choose one author and one charity, so if you give us more than one of either, all points will be placed on the first names you submit.

On Monday, June 8th at midnight U.S. pacific time, one of the author's names on the list below will be randomly drawn. Your author's literary merits or popularity will not be taken into consideration :)

Each member who has selected the chosen name will win a share of the lottery jackpot!

So if 1000 points are collected, and there are 20 'tickets' with the winning name, each member will win (half of) 50 points per ticket.

If one member gave 2 points, 100 points will be rewarded, if another gave 5 points, 250 points will be rewarded.

Half of each winner's prize will be donated to their charity of choice and the other half will be instantly transferred to their account.


  1. You got something waiting on my blog :)

  2. Hey, I also have something for you at my blog! And wanted to thank you again for the name lists! So many blogs to check out!

  3. I love the idea of visiting countries virtually through books. Your blog is really great.


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