April 25, 2009

What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked? Your Guide to Optimal Health by J. Warren Willey II

BOOK #: 32
RATING: 3 Stars

Book Description:
What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked? delves into the complete concept of obtaining and then maintaining optimal health and your ideal body. It, unlike other books out there, describes not only what to do but more importantly the HOW TO and WHY the program works. With this understanding, optimal health, weight loss, and the body you desire are only a few steps away.

Book Review:
Dr. Wiley's book is based on both scientific evidence, as well as experience. He sets forth a plan for body transformation that may work when other plans have failed. Why might this one work? Because it is not just a list of do's and don'ts. It breaks it down into simplistic terms that even the most scatterbrained of dieters can follow. In fact, half of the book is dedicated to charts and tables and food lists that are based on caloric level instead of just a base number thrown out there to the masses.

Dr. Wiley also gives some information, tips, and scientific facts that I had not seen before. A few examples:

  • Food is a drug. We all have a food that made us feel good, or gave us an upset stomach, or made us feel tired. Food (like drugs) has certain effects, interactions, and side effects. Food has consequences.
  • Maximal health starts when you become happy with who you are and the life choices you make. Anyone who tries to pursue physical perfection as the main foundation of his or her life is doomed to failure. No level of fitness, no amount of body transformation will make you become a "whole" person unless you are continually working on your inner being as well.
  • Once you notice that your objective and subjective changes are slowing down or halted (in other words, you've hit a plateau), it is time to shock the system. Our bodies adapt to everything we do to them, so we need to jumpstart them so progress will continue. We can't allow our bodies to get used to our techniques.
This book is 500 pages, but the food lists and charts start on page 175. The reading is not as intense as it looks when you see the book. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a simple way to understand how the body works and how to maximize its potential through food choices, eating times, and moderation. While I don't think it is the most concise or educational book on nutrition and health, it does contain some good information.

Also, there is a lot of information on hormone replacement therapy included. I skipped over this part since it did not concern me.


  1. Hi Rebecca :) Sounds neat. You always do such great reviews!
    What's with the cover and the man-boobs...LOL....I don't care for the cover but the book sounds nice...LOL
    Have a Happy Day!

  2. ChicGeek- They are just really large pec muscles. A little too built up if you ask me, but that is just my opinion. :)

  3. This is a great book written by a doc that practices what he preaches.  Everyone should own a copy of this book.


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