April 11, 2009

Surfing Saturdays 04-11-09

Play along on Surfing Saturdays with Meg from Literary Menagerie!

On my Surfing Saturdays I want to introduce you to other things that interest me beyond books. Get to know what else gets my attention!


1) SPIRITUALITY: LinkTV presents 'Global Spirit', which explores spiritual themes without the megachurch or the 800 numbers scrolling across the bottom of the screen. Instead it will bring together experts from different religious and philosophical backgrounds to discuss universal themes. Sounds like something I would want to see. Oh, and you can watch it online for free.

2) HEALTH/NUTRITION: Okay, so they caught the guys behind the salmonella peanut outbreak and they fined them. But what I want to know is how did this company manage to operate for four years without a food manufacturer's license?

3) CANCER: Obviously this interests me since my dad just died of cancer. This article from Science Daily explains how researchers have discovered that if a cancer cell lacks a certain protein it could be much easier for them to penetrate healthy tissue, the first step towards forming metastates.

4) WRITING: Men with Pens has a great post on losing faith in your writing dream.

5) SELF-IMPROVEMENT: It is my philosophy that humans should always work on making a better version of themselves every day. I'm no hypocrite; I try to do the same thing. Wake Up the Tiger is a new blog I recently discovered that is chock full of enthusiasm for life and how to get yours back.

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