April 4, 2009

Surfing Saturday 04-04-09

Play along with Meg from Literary Menagerie.

On my Surfing Saturdays I want to introduce you to other things that interest me beyond books. Get to know what else gets my attention!

1) NONPROFITS: NY Nonprofit Theaters Brace for Even Tougher Season from NY Times

2) RELIGION/SPIRITUALITY: How the Christian holiday of Easter relates to Taoist practices by Elizabeth Reninger on About.com

3) ENVIRONMENTALISM: Terralina Turns Grocery Bags into Gift Boxes from TreeHugger

4) DISABILITIES: Woman Left Fighting to Breathe During Traffic Stop, Dies En Route to Hospital from Disaboom

5) ZENHABITS BLOG: You're Not Perfect, So What? Five Steps to Reclaim Your New Year's Resolution

6) RELIGION/MORALS: Brazil's President attacks Vatican for condemning nine-year-old rape victim's abortion from the U.K.'s Telegraph

My response to the article in item #6:
It is becoming more and more embarrassing to be Catholic every day. I find it highly unlikely that I will ever understand Benedict XVI and I know I will never understand the thought process behind this insanity. Abortions are automatically a reason to be excommunicated, but raping a child is not. That makes NO SENSE. Actually, it is just sick. Believe me, God is nowhere to be found in this decision.

7) I DREAM OF GOING TO ITALY: 100+ Things to Know If You're Going to Italy- Part 1 from Italy in SF


  1. NIce list of links. I'm not a Catholic (or a Christian), but I understand your response to #6. I hope someone explains the church's thoughts on this to me.

  2. Beth, I am with you on this. I understand the church's stand on abortion- it's always been that way (even if I don't agree 100%). But when it comes to a child rapist not receiving as much punishment as his victim, I am confused and appalled.

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