April 4, 2009

Good Books, Inc. Scavenger Hunt Entry #2

Padfoot & Prongs have put together this terrific literary scavenger hunt and I am thrilled to participate because, hey, it's fun! I already finished one entry, the 10 One-Minute Writer Prompts, and now I have completed my second entry, which is for:

2.) Go to a used book store and find a book with something written in it. Take a picture and send it to us (Buying the book is optional but you should do it any ways)

I was browsing at one of my favorite used book stores, The Book Lady, in Monroe, N.C., just outside of Charlotte, where I used to live. I was thinking about this scavenger hunt item and decided a good place to find notes was probably in the cookbooks section. I was right! The very first book I picked up had writing in it!

The coolest part is I am not so sure if the two notes are in the same handwriting. Can you tell?

The top note in blue is a shopping note? It says: "Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion (2 oz.)"
Then it has the author and title of the book, Mary Margaret McBride, Encyclopedia of Cooking.

Then the note underneath the title says: "This was Aunt Mabel's book."

This cookbook was from at least the 1950s, but I did not think to look at the copyright date. I did not purchase this book, but don't hate on me! I saved it for someone who actually cooks. :)

Have you joined in on the Scavenger Hunt yet? If you have, let me know and I will link to your posts on my Scavenger Hunt posts. When you complete the item for this post, I will post it here. If you have completed item #7, which I also completed, I will post your link to it on my #7 entry post.

Have a lovely day, friends, and happy hunting!

Jennifer's used book find at Find Your Next Book Here


  1. That's so funny! A shopping note! I have never before seen anything like it in a book. I'd really love to join the scavenger hunt, and have actually recently just purchased one with an inscription, so that could count, right? But afraid I won't be able to finish.. May is fast approaching. Will think about it more, though.. Good luck, you're doing great! :D

  2. Next time you could try a mobile scavenger hunt where it's all about tracking visual clues in your neighbourhood.

  3. This was a find! I wonder if whoever sold it ever got her moisturing lotion? And Aunt Mabel..whatever happened to her? How lucky you found one with writing on it right off the bat... I had to dig and dig! And thanks for linking to my post. I'll link to yours too! It is fun to see them all together!

  4. Fantastic find!! Padfoot hates whent here is writing in her books (or when they are bent....or looked at the wrong way) but I am much less delicate. I fold pages and write notes and highlight like crazy. So I love to see other people who enjoy personalizing their books as well.


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