April 22, 2009

Bookish Links 04-22-09

1. Chinua Achebe talks about the 50th anniversary of Things Fall Apart, including his favorite editions.

2. Here is an opening lines from books quiz from Abe Books.

3. Cuteness Alert: 15 Reasons Cats and Books Go Well Together

4. Doctors prescribe lots of things in their professional lives: from tablets to exercise to specific appliances. Recently there has been a growing interest in prescribing books as a treatment for people with different conditions.

5. I found this article on StumbleUpon: How Science Fiction Found Religion


  1. That's neat, Rebecca, doctors prescribing books as a treatment for people. Can't think of a better cure :D

  2. Oh that cat one was way cute.

    I returned the award favour and wanted to say even though our blogging friendship so far has been brief it has been great reading your blog. I gave you the lemonade stand award and its here


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