April 9, 2009

100 Shots of Short- Story #17 The I of the Storm

STORY #17- The I of the Storm by Randy Kohl
FOUND AT- Backhand Stories
DATE READ- April 10, 2009
RATING- 3/5 Stars
QUOTE- “Please help me. It hurts. Help me. My head,” His stained winter coat was off, pressed to the right side of his scalp. “Look. It hurts. My head,” He pulled the jacket away from his bald skull to reveal a deep two inch gash, which seemed in no hurry to stop bleeding.

Backhand Stories is a creative writing blog that publishes work by new and unpublished writers. The great thing about this story is that it has a situation at its center that could easily happen to any one of us and a protagonist who makes a split second decision to help instead of to ignore. How many would do the same? I suggest taking two minutes to read this one.

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