March 31, 2009

The Tuesday Quote Game

I have read your suggestions and tips and thought of some tweaks on my own for The Quote Game. I will be trying these out to see what works. Thank you to all of you who left me ideas!

Mee's suggestion was to always post on the same day. I have been doing that but it might help to make it more obvious so I put it in the post title today. I liked Beth's suggestion to announce the topic a week ahead of time, giving everyone a week to gather quotes for the topic. So, that is what I will do starting this week! I will post a topic today for you to post on next Tuesday!

Mee also suggested to open up comments to more than just Open ID. I had chosen this option to limit spam comments. I am A.D.D. My brain is everywhere at once. The likelihood that I will moderate everyone's comments in any kind of timely fashion is slim to none. I have enough trouble remembering to post! :P But, I am willing to try it for a week and see how it does with the word verification still turned on.

Okay, now on to the topic! The topic to look for this week is: LOYALTY. Examples of faithfulness or lack of faithfulness, either one. Perhaps you read a story about an affair or about lifelong friendship. Perhaps someone is loyal to a fault or the word has not entered into their vocabulary. It could be a seeing-eye dog who loyally helps his charge, a husband who stands by his wife after she has an affair, or an employee who is loyal to their company. There are many angles to this.

So think about it for this week and come back next Tuesday armed with your quotes!

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