March 31, 2009

Good Books, Inc. Scavenger Hunt Entry #1

In case you didn't know, Padfoot & Prongs created this kick-ass Scavenger Hunt for us literary die-hards. You should check it out! There are 10 items to complete. I am already behind by a month and the contest ends on May 23rd, so I have to get cracking! While there is a fabulous grand prize winner drawn from those who finish the contest, the best part is the experience you have doing, as they call it, some 'not so average literary things'.

The first item I am checking off the list is #7, which is:
7.) Complete 10 One-Minute Writer prompts. Be sure to include the prompt and the date that it was given.
I actually started #6 first, but it is taking a while to perfect, so I am on to #7! This is good for me because I am wanting to get back into writing a little again. I have included a link to the original post so you can read the prompt as well as read other people's entries.
P.S. I have no idea why some of these entries are so tiny. I have tried to fix it but the end result is the same. I apologize. If it is tiny on your computer, I hope you have a magnifying glass.

Prompt One: Time
I need to make more time for keeping up my friendships. I am so bad at keeping in touch. Mostly because I hate the phone. E-mail, Facebook, and texting all work better for me. Thank God for advances in technology. But it is also because I will forget to call or e-mail or text. I think, I will go back and write when I have a few more minutes. Then I forget I did not ever send anything. I am trying to be better.

Prompt Two: Reading
I actually did this one in my blog, previously, which you can find here.

Prompt Three: Vent
My foot is hurting, the laundry keeps piling up faster than I can wash it, my headache from yesterday is back, I was a little sad after reading someone else's cancer story, and I still don't have a job here yet.

Prompt Four: Learning
Fill-in-the-blank: I think the world would be a better place if students learned more ____ in school.
Critical Thinking. No one seems to know how to think for themselves any more. It is a world full of sheep just following the shepherd with the loudest voice. Form your own opinions, decide for yourself what makes sense, and then if what you come up with is in agreement with everyone else, so be it. If not, then obviously you were not making the correct decision before.

Prompt Five: Photo
I wish I had a photograph of the first time a child's eyes lit up after I taught them something. I have a photo of the moment afterwards. I taught him how to write his name. The photo is of him smiling and pointing to his name he wrote on the marker board. But I will never forget that look in his eyes. Maybe I don't need a photo after all.

Prompt Six: Crisis
I wrote this haiku in December, but it applies here better than anything I can come up with now.
Dad I am sorry
The chemo is for pain and
Containment only

Prompt Seven: Adult
I am probably one of the very, very few people in the world who ended up in a career that I dreamed of doing as a child. When I was young, "Santa" got me a chalkboard for Christmas. I spent so much time teaching my little sister and my stuffed animals. I loved my job teaching. I hope to be in the classroom again one day. But circumstances took me elsewhere for a while.

Prompt Eight: Thank You Note
Lauren, thank you for being my best friend. Your love and support for the past 6 years has meant more to me than all of my other friends combined. Even though we rarely get to see each other now you are always there for me, even driving down in a snow storm to be with me at my dad's funeral. Who else would do that? You are one of a kind and I love you.

Prompt Nine: Haiku
As you can tell, I love Haiku. :) They are short and fun-sized. This is one about my cat, who is currently lying curled up next to my leg.
Kali do you know
Just how much you mean to me
My lil' furry friend

Prompt Ten: Store
Obviously, if I owned a store it would sell BOOKS! But not just books. It would sell all kinds of bookish-related things. Also, writing-related things. Stationary, old-fashioned feather pens and ink wells, and a collection of creative book quotes that are on everything from post-it notes to t-shirts. Oh, and I can't forget to sell Sheri's BookCharmers. I got some and trust me, they are great!

Have you completed entry #7 for the Scavenger Hunt? Send me the link and I will post it here!

Jennifer's One-Minute prompts at Find Your Next Book Here


  1. Great to see another addition to the contest! Loved all your postings. The haiku was adorable! Can't wait to see the rest of it. And don't worry about starting at 7 haha, so did Jenners so you are both equally sweet at life.

  2. haha! I started with this one too! That is funny. It just seemed like the easiest one to get going. Great job! And we have until May 23rd??? I better get a move on!

  3. Don't you love the One Minute Writer? I think it is such a great blog. I love the things you wrote too :) Padfoot and Prongs have a great blog too. I'll check out the challenge but I'm far too challenged lately to take on another...LOL!

  4. The Scavenger Hunt sounds like a great idea, so much fun! Thanks for posting about it.

  5. How fun! I want to do it too, maybe.. And I love everything you wrote! :D


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