March 25, 2009

Bookish Links for 03-24-09

1. Meet an Artist: Joseph A. Wilkerson III busts the stereotype that the black community doesn't read. In fact, read about Wilkerson's new vision for Urban Literature and see how you can submit your own work in the Urban Literature Creative Writing Contest. It is running until April 3rd.

2. I don't think this has been posted on any blogs yet, but then again I have the memory span of a goldfish, so.... Check out this Voices of Indie Contest from IndieBound: Make a video about why you shop at indie retailers, what resonates for you about the Shop Local movement, why you feel passionately about your community, and maybe even mention a local store or two . Post it to YouTube or Vimeo or any video-sharing site. One contestant will be selected to win a bunch of IndieBound stuff! If you're interested, head on over to IndieBound's site.

4. And here's a fun photo.

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