February 7, 2009

Surfing Saturdays

Each Saturday morning, I list any links of interest I came across during the past week of surfing, especially those having to do with books! Play along by visiting Literary Menagerie.


~Reader's Dilemma: Can I Date Someone Who Hates Reading? Read the advice she got. Do you agree?

Another Reader's Dilemma: Would You Wear Library-Scented Perfume? Okay you have to tell me whether you would or not!

In case you were like me and completely in the dark about the fact Baltimore is having a yearlong citywide festival in honor of Poe called Nevermore 2009, here is the official link.

Did you know about Bibliomania? Maybe it is another way I am behind the times, but I did not know and on this site it has several books you can read for free online, from The Age of Innocence and Anna Karenina to Women in Love and Wuthering Heights.


  1. Nice list of sites. I knew this was "Poe year" but I hadn't explored the official site. Thanks.

  2. I wouldn't wear library perfume. I prefer to keep that one in the library :0
    Great sites! I've been doing DailyLit...same thing, you can read books online for free, chapters delivered to your inbox daily. Really neat!

  3. Oh thanks for the tip on Daily Lit!
    And thank you for being loyal readers! You guys rock. :)

  4. I don't think I would wear library perfume, but dating someone who didn't love to read--not as difficult to see. I dated a guy in high school who wasn't much of a reader, of course, we did karate together, so I guess we had other things in common.

  5. Definitely have to check out the one about dating someone who hates reading! My husband is a non-reader and it causes me so much pain!!!

    And a perfume that smells like a library? I can't even imagine ... and I think my answer would be no!

    Love this list of links!

  6. Tag your it! I have tagged you for the What I Love meme - When you get a chance, you can come see it here: http://booksandneedlepoint.blogspot.com/2009/02/tag-your-it-what-i-love.html
    And thanks for the link to Bibliomania - that's a cool site!~


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