February 14, 2009

Surfing Saturday 02-14-09

Each Saturday morning, I list any links of interest I came across during the past week of surfing, especially those having to do with books! Play along by visiting Literary Menagerie.


~Is 2009 the year the physical bookstore dies? Read this guy's opinion.

~The Art of the Sing Along- How one man is turning airport terminals into '70s style campfire scenes.

~Click here for a list of 100+ Sites Offering Literature for Download

~It's not a BookCharmer (I love BookCharmers!), but this is a cool alternate bookmark.

~Elizabeth Gilbert is coming to Winston-Salem, N.C. if you live nearby.

~15 Worst Book Covers Ever. Do you agree with the list?

~Things Found in Books. What have you found in a book?


  1. The sing-along article was great! Thanks for sharing it. I would have missed it totally. My folk-guitar-playing husband got a kick out of it too!

    I <3 BookCharmers, but I love that envelope trick!

    Good list of links.

  2. Loved the worst book covers ever -- I think I had that babysitter's club book!

  3. These are such cool links! I especially want to check out the worst book covers, things found in books and the download site.

    Plus I wish I lived in Winston-Salem.

    And I just posted my first author interview on my blog. I would love if you could check it out! Here is the link:


  4. I am glad you enjoyed the links! Jenners- I wish that the Gilbert event did not cost $20 that I don't have to spend on it. :( Damn moving and not having another job yet. *Grumble, grumble*


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