February 23, 2009

Marvelous Mondays

It is time again for the weekly round-up. There were so many great posts this week it is hard to narrow it down!

Three Great Reviews:
~This essay review on Tales from the Reading Room is so intelligent and beautifully written that you would be mistaken not to read it.
~I loved Charley's personal review of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky on her blog Bending Bookshelf.
~Matthew's review of The Illiad on his blog Falling Stacks will make you want to run out and read it. But he makes sure you are getting the right version.
~Okay, okay, I know I promised myself only to list the 3 best reviews every week, but there were 4 I liked this week. So, I like to break the rules. You know you love me for it. ;) The final review I would like to mention is Rebecca's incredibly thoughtful review of Voluntary Madness by by Norah Vincent on her blog, The Book Lady's Blog. See? It was hard to narrow it down!

Passionate Postings:
~Hair Mats for Oil Spills by Life's Sweet Passions. Penelope from My Passion for Books shares how we can donate little locks of hair to help create mats that soak up oil spills.
~Susan of The Book Chook has another wonderful post about children and books. This one is about giving children the magical gift of reading. As a former pre-k teacher, I completely understand Susan's passion for this subject and I think she does a terrific job of setting it ablaze for her readers.

Interview of the Week:
~I enjoyed reading Trish's interview with Diana Spechler the most this week, I think. Interviews that I am willing to read are tricky to pull off, so when they capture me and I read the whole thing, it is very worthy of being the interview of the week. Read the interview on Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin?

**Different this Week- I love reading book reviews, just like we all do. But sometimes, like several of us have been talking about the past couple of weeks, the same books have a tendency to be reviewed within the same week or two of each other. And I love, love getting different perspectives on the same book. It is one thing I like about the blogging review world. However, I also relish it when a blogger reviews a book no one else is talking about. Ah, the un doing of the monotony! Anyone who knows me knows I get bored easily, so these reviews help me to keep on my toes and break it all up for me. These are 3 that did this for me this week. So, thanks guys. :)

~The Thin Red Line's review on Pot Culture. And Alan found this in the library of all places! I tried, but my library did not have it. Bummer.
~A Bookworm's World had a review on Apologize, Apologize by Elizabeth Kelly. To be fair, this is a new book and may be everywhere soon, but I had not seen or heard about it yet and so therefore it still qualifies as fresh to me.
~I also liked the review of The Arrival by Shaun Tan on The Book Drop's blog. I don't really go for the graphic novels but this one sounded unique to me.

That is all for this week! Keep writing, keep reviewing, keep interviewing, and most of all, keep reading those great books! I love reading all about them. Next week, I would love to feature a stand-out post for a weekly, so keep that in mind! I would love to feature you next Monday! :)


  1. I'm fairly new to book blogging but I am seeing that the same books do seem to be talked about alot at the same time (publicists doing their job well, I guess!) but it is nice to read something "off the beaten track." I hope to keep a good balance in my blog -- I'm sure my upcoming review of Doris Lessing's "The Fifth Child" and Nora Ephron's "Wallflower at the Orgy" will level the playing field with some of the newer books I've received lately.

  2. I love Marvelous Mondays! Now you've given me enough links to keep me busy all week :)
    Thanks, Rebecca!
    Have a Marvelous Day!

  3. Nice links! Always love a good review. We've got a new contest up! Hope you check it out

  4. I will definitely be checking those out, Jenners and P&P!

    Thanks for leaving me some comment love! :)

  5. Wow, what an honor to be mentioned on your blog. Thank You!

  6. great list of links for me to check out...thanks!

  7. Wow, thank you for mentioning my post on your blog! I am so glad you liked it! :)

    Also, thanks for the other links; the book reviews were great!

  8. You guys are so welcome! I really feel that if you write something great, that you should be recognized for it. :)


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