February 2, 2009

I'm Going Crazy and Switching It Up!

Oh my. Saturdays around here are kind of crowded with both Surfing Saturdays and Super Saturdays. So I thought I should switch it to a new day. Which day? I don't do Musing Mondays or anything, so, logically, it makes sense to switch Super Saturdays over to Mondays. Now it just needed a new name. I know! Ta-Da! I unveil: Marvelous Mondays!

I mean, where else do you get to experience anything marvelous about a Monday? So, starting next Monday, the 9th, all of my shout-outs for good blogging will be posted on Mondays instead of Saturdays. Saturdays will be reserved just for the one weekly, Surfing Saturdays. I would love to have a small badge for my Marvelous Mondays weekly. I am going to see if I can make a cute one I can use every week.

Moving on! In addition to Marvelous Mondays, I am adding yet another new feature to the blog. Gasp! Egads! Can you handle it all?!? (I don't really say 'Egads!', but it sure is fun to write.) You see, friends, there is one thing I did not mention in my meme this week on addictions that would have held the number 6 spot if there had been one. What is that, you ask?


I am an absolute sucker for quotes. I collect them by the pound and I even try to organize them (to no avail). They just delight me and tickle my fancy (hmm...I seem to be chock full of phrases I don't normally say tonight; ironically, 'chock full' is a phrase I say on occasion.) But I digress.

I've been thinking the past couple of days that I want to find a good way to integrate my love of quotes into the blog. I want to use bookish quotes- quotes about reading, quotes about books, quotes from books. I have a couple of ideas. Hear me out:
  • One, I can make a new weekly, like Marvelous Mondays and Friday Finds, to collect quotes in one neat and tidy post.
  • Two, I can implement a Quote of the Day, which I could include as an actual post, or as a block of text in my sidebar. The down side to the sidebar text is that I will need to erase the previous day's quote in order to put in the new one. With the other options, there will be a record of the quotes on my blog.
I can't decide which option would be best for the blog. Do you like either idea? Which way would you prefer?


  1. Rebecca - your web page doesn't even have a way to contact you that I can find. Your contact just says web page which brings me back to here. Just send me an e mail at florida982002[at]yahoo dot com with your e mail.

  2. I like the idea of a specific day to post a quote or two (maybe with a theme?). If you post one everyday, I think the impact will be lost and readers may forget to look for it.

    In fact, if you had a theme, you could ask readers to submit their own favorite quotes on a similar topic. Just a thought.

  3. Rebecca, I'm smiling and lol....such a nice post and your blog is getting really, super fantastic! I'm loving it!
    Good to hear you so happy and having fun :) You really have a way with words! Fun, fun, fun!

  4. Kaye- good point! I sent you an e-mail. I hope you get it.

    Beth- That's a clever idea! I do like the idea of themes.

    Kelly- Thank you, dear. I suppose I am writing more like I talk lately- off the top of my head! ;) But, hey, if you like it, it makes it easier on me! :)

  5. i like the idea of a quote of the day!

  6. Thanks for the comment - I have to say that I love the albums I listed, too - thats why they're listed. hehe. Music is something I've always loved and always taken the time to know more about, so I'm glad to know that there are others out there who can really sympathize with that! Also, I can't wait to see some more lovely quotes on your already lovely blog!

  7. May I suggest a visit to this lovely blog? She "collects" quotes like you and she does a nice job of incorporating them into her posts. In fact, in the link I am sending you, she talks about her love of quotes. You might get some ideas...


  8. I love quotes. If you get something going that involves other, I'll join in.


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