February 18, 2009

IE Issue

Kelly from The Chic Geek just brought to my attention that my blog cannot be accessed via Internet Explorer. I checked it out and it is giving an error message for no apparent reason. I posted to Blogger Support and hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. Firefox does not seem to be having this issue if you can use that browser. I don't know about other browsers. Thanks, Kelly, for letting me know!

UPDATE 02-20-09: I have been told that IE has a bug in it that becomes a problem when you include script in HTML/JavaScript gadget that may not work well in the gadget. This is a problem for not only my blog, but many others. It is a known problem and I think they are working on finding a solution. I have also read that making sure you are using the most recent version of IE can help. However, I use IE 7 and I still received the error.


  1. I'm so glad it's not just me! I tried to get to your blog, earlier this week. It was you that asked me to add you to my sidebar, right? Well, I couldn't see your URL via the blog comment window, but I found you through Twitter. And, then Internet Explorer freaked, so I reopened your blog via Firefox. Isn't the internet fun? :)

  2. What a pain! Thank you for continuing to try. Let me know if the problem persists.


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