February 25, 2009

Essay #3

ESSAY #3-The Courage to Kill: Meeting the Panthers by Eldridge Cleaver
FOUND IN- The Outlaw Bible of American Essays edited by Alan Kaufman
DATE READ- February 25
RATING- Amazing! (4 stars)
QUOTE- "I fell in love with the Black Panther party immediately upon my first encounter with it; it was literally love at first sight."

This essay is about Cleaver's first experiences with the Black Panther party, including meeting Malcolm X's widow Sister Betty Shabazz and another leader, Huey P. Newton. Their meeting would be enlightening for the author. I thought this was a moving and thoughtful essay. In just a few short pages, Cleaver was able to take me inside the minds of some of the party members of the Black Panthers and show what they were made of.


  1. There wouldn't happen to be a link to this essay online any where would there be? Sounds pretty interesting

  2. Hmm...not that I am aware of. Always worth a try though! It was a good essay.

  3. Sounds interesting! I added a linnk to your review on the main challenge page.


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