February 18, 2009

A Childhood Memory

I really enjoy writing from time to time. A great blog I have found is the One-Minute Writer, which challenges you to take 60 seconds of every day just to write. Every day it also gives you a prompt to help you get going. Today's prompt I thought was perfect to share with you: Write about a childhood memory related to reading.

I would like to share my own one-minute memory with you:
I have an early memory of sitting in my father's lap while he read the newspaper to me. Of course, it was always a story about a neighborhood hero or a parade in town or how to grow a good vegetable garden or the comics section. But it was great. I always saw my parents reading growing up. The only time in life I did not like to read was between about 7th and 12th grades because the amount of reading in school made me want to do anything but read when I wasn't studying. However, I got back into it in college, and especially since college. One of my favorite books was Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever where I would spend hours creating stories from the pages.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory about reading to share? Take a few seconds and share it with me! I would love to hear about it! Wait, let me get my tea...okay...ready! Share away, bibliophiles! :)


  1. I didn't really start reading until my children were all in school. So not many childhood memories of reading. Oh, here's one - My mom, the English student - tried to discourage my reading of Nancy Drew when I was in Jr. High.

  2. That's a nice memory :) My son used to read Richard Scarry over and over and over....lol
    I love the One Minute Writer too!

  3. Booklogged- No Nancy Drew? At least you were reading, is what I say. So many children and teenagers don't pick up a book unless it is forced upon them (please see my experience from 7th-12th grade above, ahem). My mom would have thrown a party for me if I had picked up Nancy Drew, haha! But then again, she wasn't an English student, so who knows what she would have said in that circumstance.

    Chic- Your son has great taste. ;) Richard Scarry did some brilliant things with children's books.

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  5. That's really sweet about your dad reading the news to you. :)

    (Sorry about the deleted post above, I forgot to add something.)

    One of the things I remember from childhood was when I'd read almost all the Nancy Drew books in the original series and wanted to borrow my older sister's Sweet Dreams. She refused to because she said it says 11 and up, and I wasn't 11 yet. (Her real reason was because she didn't want anyone to touch her books.) I told my dad and he drove me to a bookstore and bought me Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game and If Tomorrow Comes. That's how I jumped, at 10 yrs old, from Nancy Drew to Sidney Sheldon Erich Segal, etc. I never did look back. I'm actually thankful to my sister. By the time I was in high school, I was done with Sidney, and went on to more literary stuff. :)

  6. Claire-
    Wow. Who knew that your sister's book snobbery would actually be doing you a great service? Your dad sounds very cool.


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