February 20, 2009

Bookish Links of the Day

I find so many interesting links while perusing the web that I have to seriously weed through them for Surfing Saturdays and I end up not sharing many gems with you. So, instead, I am going to use Surfing Saturdays to bring you non-bookish links of interest (for instance, last week's Art of the Sing Along article) and I am going to begin posting Bookish Links of the Day. Just a few links daily so I can share my bookish and literary finds with you in a more timely manner and still contained for the most part in one post (as oppose to a different post every time I find something I think you will want to read). If this idea is annoying, let me know. If this is amazing, let me know. If you feel absolutely indifferent, let me know that, too. :) Oh, and this is still separate from Marvelous Mondays. I will still post the stand-out blog posts from you all at that time.


1. Check out the art of handmade bookbinding. Everything from endleaves to onlays, 19th century French binding with silver and gold tooling to 15th century Venetian bindings.
2. In case you did not know it, it was author Toni Morrison's birthday Wednesday. I have always loved this quote of hers that this site recognizing her shares, "During her Nobel lecture, Morrison addressed the power and importance of language: “Be it grand or slender, burrowing, blasting, or refusing to sanctify; whether it laughs out loud or is a cry without an alphabet, the choice word, the chosen silence, unmolested language surges toward knowledge, not its destruction.”
3. British author Geraldine Bedell says she has been banned from the first International Festival of Literature in Dubai, which runs from Feb. 26 to March 1. She says that festival director Isobel Abulhoul contacted Penguin toward the end of last year and said her book, The Gulf Between Us, was unacceptable because one of the characters is gay.
4. The Southworth Library in Dryden, New York, has just sold its most valuable asset, a four-page speech penned by Abraham Lincoln himself.
5. Shelf Awareness gets in on the e-book versus hard copy book discussions that have permeated the literary world as of late.
6. And last for today, the Marion County Library in Indianapolis, Indiana has raised its efforts to collect overdue fines. One man owes almost $8000 in overdue book fines. No, you read that right.


  1. Great links, Rebecca. I like them every day because you can spend more time with them that way :) All at once is fun too, so maybe, hmmm, undecided. Typical Libra, always trying to be balanced...lol

    Have a Great Weekend!

    PS: I'm still having trouble hitting your page. It's really weird. I keep getting error on page messages :(

  2. That's crazy! Thousands of dollars in library fines.. yikes.


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