February 24, 2009

100 Shots of Short- Stories 14-16

STORY #14- God Sees the Truth, But Waits by Leo Tolstoy
DATE- February 24
RATING- Mmm...That's Good
QUOTE- "They entered the house. The soldiers and the police-officer unstrapped Aksionov's luggage and searched it. Suddenly the officer drew a knife out of a bag, crying, "Whose knife is this?" Aksionov looked, and seeing a blood-stained knife taken from his bag, he was frightened. "How is it there is blood on this knife?" Aksionov tried to answer, but could hardly utter a word, and only stammered: "I--don't know--not mine."

STORY #15- The Five Boons of Life by Mark Twain
DATE- February 24
RATING- Mmm...That's Good
QUOTE-"In the morning of life came a good fairy with her basket, and said: "Here are gifts. Take one, leave the others. And be wary, chose wisely; oh, choose wisely! for only one of them is valuable." The gifts were five: Fame, Love, Riches, Pleasure, Death."

STORY #16- Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker
DATE- February 24
RATING- So-So (The writing was good but I was a little confused by the ending. Can someone clear it up for me?)
QUOTE- "Whilst we were talking, we heard a sort of sound between a yelp and a bark. It was far away; but the horses got very restless, and it took Johann all his time to quiet them. He was pale, and said, 'It sounds like a wolf—but yet there are no wolves here now.'"

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  1. I keep meaning to check these and then forget! This time I will bookmark the site and will get to them someday!

    Love the Mark Twain quote!


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