February 17, 2009

100 Shots of Short- Stories 11-13

STORY #11: The Child's Story by Charles Dickens
DATE: February 17
RATING: A Keeper- 5 stars
QUOTE: "Still, one day, in the midst of all these pleasures, the traveller lost the boy as he had lost the child, and, after calling to him in vain, went on upon his journey. So he went on for a little while without seeing anything, until at last he came to a young man. So, he said to the young man, "What do you do here?" And the young man said, "I am always in love. Come and love with me."

STORY #12: The Christmas Tree and the Wedding by Fyodor Dostoevsky
DATE: February 17
RATING: Mmm....That's Good
QUOTE: "There was another guest who interested me. But he was of quite a different order. He was a personage. They called him Julian Mastakovich. At first glance one could tell he was an honoured guest and stood in the same relation to the host as the host to the gentleman of the whiskers. The host and hostess said no end of amiable things to him, were most attentive, wining him, hovering over him, bringing guests up to be introduced, but never leading him to any one else. I noticed tears glisten in our host's eyes when Julian Mastakovich remarked that he had rarely spent such a pleasant evening. Somehow I began to feel uncomfortable in this personage's presence..."

STORY #13: Alexandre by Guy de Maupassant
DATE: February 17
RATING: Mmm...That's Good
QUOTE: "For thirty-five years he had been in the service of this couple, first as officer's orderly, then as simple valet who did not wish to leave his masters; and for the last six years, every afternoon, he had been wheeling his mistress about through the narrow streets of the town. From this long and devoted service, and then from this daily tete-a-tete, a kind of familiarity arose between the old lady and the devoted servant, affectionate on her part, deferential on his. They talked over the affairs of the house exactly as if they were equals."


  1. Thank u Rebecca! I am doing this challenge too and I loved the short story by Charles Dickens! And I am off to read the rest! Thank you again!


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