February 1, 2009

Super Saturday #3

This is Super Saturday where I list the best book blogging posts I have read this week. There are some talented writers and reviewers out in the book blogosphere and I want to make sure they are recognized for it!
(NOTE: Sorry so late! Had some crazy things happen this evening, including leaking pipes, a broken bed, and my mother falling down in the garage (she's okay). Whew, I am glad this day is over! Now, on to the post!)

BLOG: worducopia
POST DATE: Wed., Jan. 28
POST TITLE: The School of Essential Ingredients- Erica Bauermeister (book review)
REASON: The first review of this book that actually made me interested in it. If you can get someone like me interested in a book about cooking, you have to have your props!

BLOG: The Sleepy Reader
POST DATE: Sun., Jan. 25
POST TITLE: The Sunday Salon
REASON: Because I love her phrase, "multi-booking", for reading more than one book at a time!

BLOG: Po(sey) Sessions
POST DATE: Thurs., Jan. 29
POST TITLE: Linda Thieman Interview
REASON: Very interesting interview, especially the parts about Thieman's childhood memories. I really enjoy reading Megan's interviews.

BLOG: A Reader's Respite
POST DATE: Wed., Jan. 28
POST TITLE: Classics, Perceptions and the Passage of Time
REASON: This made me laugh and was well-written.

BLOG: Literary Menagerie
POST DATE: Mon., Jan. 26
POST TITLE: What Marks Your Book?
REASON: This thoughtful post sparked interesting comments. I mark my own books with these small magnetic markers I bought in a used book store in South Carolina. But before I got those, when I ran out of bookmarks, I used pieces of paper, parking passes from the doctor's office, pencils, just about anything. Go to Meg's post and tell of your own bookmarks.

BLOG: The Book Chook
POST DATE: Sat., Jan. 24
POST TITLE: Can Books Be Our Friends?
REASON: I really enjoyed this thoughtful and insightful post on helping children love books.

BLOG: Diary of an Eccentric
POST DATE: Fri., Jan. 30
POST TITLE: The Sinner's Guide to Confession by Phyllis Schieber (book review)
REASON: I enjoyed the review of this book (and found another book for my TBR pile) and I liked the combination of it with the interview of the author.

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  1. Nice list of links -- and a couple were new to me. Thanks! I'll be spending some time this week taking a closer look.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed that post about books being our friends, Rebecca. There's great stuff going on here at your blog, and I will be back for sure!

  3. Great links! I enjoyed reading these!

  4. Thank you! I am happy that you enjoyed this post! :D

  5. Just above comments here, your blog says "Have a post you think I'd especially enjoy? Send it to me!"

    How do we send it? I cannot find your email.

  6. Yes, the other day (or maybe it was yesterday) Kaye pointed this out to me and you can now e-mail me from my blogger profile. That should make it easier to send it! ;)


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