January 19, 2009

Essay #2

Thanks to Rob at Rob Around Books for the link to this essay!
Essay #2- The Love of Reading by Virginia Woolf
Date Read- January 19
Rating- AMAZING!
Quote- "It is a complex pleasure and a difficult pleasure; it varies from age to age and from book to book. But that pleasure is enough. Indeed that pleasure is so great that one cannot doubt that without it the world would be a far different and a far inferior place from what it is."


  1. I have this essay coming up in my Essays of the Masters collection - I'm really looking forward to it!

  2. Hi Becca. It's me again. You've been tagged! These games are silly but writing my list made me smile so I thought you might enjoy it too :)

  3. I am doing this challenge too and I just read How Should One Read A Book?...another essay by Woolf...and I felt the same way, it was absolutely amazing:)

  4. I just might have to check that essay out, BookPsmith! Thanks for coming by! :)


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