January 22, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Inspiration

This week's question: Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

I am a pretty spontaneous person so usually I am inspired to read whatever suits me at the moment. If I feel sad, I may read a happy book to cheer me up. If I need a good cry, I will choose a tearjerker. If I am in the mood for a light read, you won't see me carrying The Brothers Karamazov.

I am inspired also by what is going on in my life- my interests at the time, what I spend most of my time doing, what I wish I could be doing. Self-improvement books are of course always about something I need to learn more about for myself. Sometimes I am inspired by current events (my sister's reading it now but I bought Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope after I learned he was who I believed could do the country the most good right now). Sometimes I am inspired to try a book just because so many people have liked it. Sometimes I am inspired by my interests. I used to read a lot of romantic books like Nicholas Sparks when I was in relationships. Now that I am single (and most happily so) I find the gravitational pull to those books not as strong. When I was a teacher I wanted to read books about children all of the time. Now it no longer interests me. Partly because I don't have a way to use the information like I did.

There are always certain types of books I like. I am usually in the mood for books about different cultures (it just fascinates me). I like a good legal crime novel now and again. And the classics have always been a pull for me, as have nonfiction books about nature, animals, and spirituality.

But what it always comes down to is that moment I decide to read: what I am feeling right now? Am I feeling an intellectual read or do I need to kind of zone out with a YA book? Am I looking to learn and apply information to my life or am I looking for someone to tell me a good story? I am inspired the most by my immediate emotions. Sometimes that is good in life, sometimes not so much. But in the reading world, it can make for a very interesting variety of reads.


  1. Your answer is a lot like mine is!

    Thanks for stopping by

  2. Yes, after I wrote it I saw many of us seemed to read based off of how we feel at the time. Interesting, I think.


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