January 6, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

CHALLENGES: Book Awards Challenge
RATING: Mmm...That's Good (3 Stars)

This is the classic story of a Cuban fisherman who dreams of glory but is hoping mostly just for a good meal. He sets out in his boat and manages to catch a blue marlin. The fish is not ready to give up its fight, but the fisherman is just as determined and the adventure is set.

The simplicity of the story and the simplicity of Hemingway's writing is actually what makes the book so wonderful. Such a simple premise, but the adventure and its results are full of metaphors on life. It is almost poetic. Just beautifully written. I have a few more Hemingway books on my shelf that I will be able to read for my challenges this year. I can't wait to see which will be my favorite.

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  1. I just read this as part of the November Novella Challenge and really enjoyed it. I thought it was beautiful but also very gripping.


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