January 30, 2009

An Award!

Beth over at Beth Fish Reads presented me with this lovely award. Beth writes a terrific blog and I visit hers for every update.

I am to now list 5 things I am addicted to (only 5?) and then pass this award on to 5 other lovely bloggers.

5 of my Addictions (besides reading, which is obvious :P):

  • Blogging and writing
  • Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper (it's terrible)
  • MahJongg solitaire
  • Bookstores, particularly used bookstores
  • Learning
Now for my 5 blog choices (this is always the hardest part!):

I looked but did not see this meme/award combo on your page, so I apologize in advance if you have already been tagged!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! This is such a cute award.

  2. An addiction to learning! I love it.

  3. Thank you so so much for this! (And for the lovely comments you've been leaving me! I've been trying to get caught up on everything since getting back from vacation but I feel like Sisyphus -- perhaps I'll never get caught up!). I too have been addicted to Mahjongg Solitaire -- there is just something so absorbing about it! And an addiction to blogging pretty much goes without saying. And of course bookstores -- I would spend hours in bookstores if I could. I must say, Coke and Dr. Pepper sounds awful -- but I'm not much of a soda drinker. And may we never stop learning!

    Thanks so much for this... but you should know I am very very very slow about getting to awards but I get there eventually! : )

  4. You are most welcome for the awards ladies! You deserve it!

    And yes learning is an absolute addiction for me. I love discovering and exploring and and investigating. It's absorbing!

    Jenners- It's quite alright, my dear. Your blog keeps me looking for the books you feature!

  5. I used to be addicted to coke (had to be in a can) as well, but I've stopped drinking it. Now it's coffee. :) Eeeks.

    Anyway, Thank you so much for the award. I've enjoyed coming by your blog recently a well. :)


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