January 14, 2009

Artists' Journals & Sketchbooks by Lynne Perrella

BOOK #: 5
CHALLENGES: Reading Your Name, Triple 999
RATING: A Keeper

I have always been creative. I love to write and scrapbook, sketch and journal. I want to learn more creative pursuits, as well. In a used bookshop one day, I found this book and knew I had to read it. It is filled with all kinds of inspiration and tips on creating art journals. Art journals can be a place to not only draw and sketch, but a place to record creative ideas, a place to used mixed media, the journal can be a visual work of art in and of itself.

This book offers glimpses into other artists' personal pages and shows you how they decided to make their own art journals. Some of the most engaging ideas to me were those about Slide-Mount Artwork. The basic idea is to take colorful slide-mounts and insert visual images into the slide-mount pockets. Then you can affix them to the journal cover or even inside if the paper is sturdy enough. The edges of the slide mounts can then be decorated for even more visual impact. The ideas are endless!

This book is really brimming with ideas for art journals and starts you from the cover and idea and goes through the entire process. Using the natural world, integrating textiles, image transfers, using hardware, turning personal memorabilia into a collage, building layers with text and color, all kinds of attachment techniques.

If you enjoy crafts, scrapbooking, exploring art, then I really recommend taking a look through this book. I am holding onto mine to use as a guide through the creation of my own art journal project. I love this kind of project! :D

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  1. This looks Fabulous! I love the idea of an art journal :) I'm going to have to find this one. I love the cover of the book too :)

  2. You'll have to post pictures of your Art Journal....I bet it will be Fabulous :)

  3. :D Thanks! I will remember to do that. It will be a longer project though so it might be a while, but I will try to post some pics of the process.

  4. Hi Becca :) Check out this woman's page.


    She's got an art journal and these are pictures of her pages.....super great! I think you'll like them....very inspiring!

  5. Thanks for the link! The pages were very nicely done and I am sure showed the creativity of the artist. I want my pages to show a lot of variety. I want each page to be a unique representation of a creative thought or idea I have had. I like scrapbooking and the pages within one book flow and have a continuity about them. I want my art journal to be completely devoid of that! Just outrageous and daring and full of possibilities!


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