January 29, 2009

100 Shots of Short - Stories 6 & 7

STORY #6- Israel Zangwill's A Rose of the Ghetto.
DATE- January 29
RATING- Mind-Numbing :(
QUOTE- "At first he declared he would put down the money immediately after the ceremony. But the wary Sugarman, schooled by experience, demanded its instant delivery on behalf of his other client. Hard pressed, Eliphaz produced ten sovereigns from his trousers-pocket, and tendered them on account. These Sugarman disdainfully refused, and the negotiations were suspended."

STORY #7- The Servant by S.T. Semyonov
DATE- January 20
RATING- Mmm...That's Good
QUOTE- "He was curio as to get a glimpse of his future home, but the panes were all frosted over, and it was impossible to peep through. However, he could hear what the people inside were saying."


  1. I like that rating system...mind numbing :( lol....very descriptive :)

  2. Yeah I had to add a little somethin' somethin' to the 5 star rating system. ;)


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