July 30, 2015

Castle in the Air by Jennifer Tressen: 8 Tidbits About the Crescent Hotel, Plus Giveaway

Castle in the Air
by Jennifer Tressen
Release Date: July 23rd 2015

Summary from Amazon:
The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas has been called "America's Most Haunted Hotel" largely because of the events of the 1930s when Dr. Norman Baker ran a "cancer treatment hospital" which he called his "Castle in the Air." 

Follow the fictionalized story of Clara, the young, unwed pregnant niece of Dr. Baker who comes to help at the cancer center in exchange for room and board and finds things aren't quite what they appear to be. Caring for an ill young boy at the center she feels her maternal instincts kick in - something is definitely not right at her uncle's hospital. But what? Will she be able to piece together the clues in time to save herself and the boy? Or will be forever be doomed to reside in the Castle in the Air, where once you check in...you never leave. 

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8 Tidbits about “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” – The Crescent Hotel

1.     Originally opened in 1886 as a luxury resort. Later it was a girls’ conservatory, then the Baker Cancer Hospital and finally The Crescent Hotel.
2.     The team from the show Ghost Hunters filmed an episode at the hotel and indeed found apparitions.
3.     It is said that over 400 people died while under Dr. Baker’s “care” at the Baker Cancer Hospital.
4.     Morris, a cat who lived in the hotel for 21 years, is still seen roaming the halls in ghost form.
5.     There are at least 8 known apparitions which have been seen repeatedly with sightings of others reported as well.
6.      Dr. Baker, the owner of the property in the late 1930s, was tried for mail fraud, practicing medicine without a license and other charges. He served four years in prison.
7.      One person is known to have died during the original construction; a stone mason, who still is said to haunt rooms on the second floor.
8.      The property has undergone several renovations through the years; however the ghosts have always remained. 

About the Author
Jennifer Tressen is a wife, mother and writer. A former actor, she spent nearly ten years in the entertainment industry appearing in commercials, print ads and television shows. It was her love of storytelling that pushed her to the other side of the camera and sent her to film school at Chapman University. Although she entered as a Cinematography major, Jennifer graduated with a degree in Screenwriting after a single required screenwriting class forever changed her path. She found a passion for writing she had forgotten in her childhood. Everything she learned about screenwriting and especially storytelling she attributes to her mentor, the late Blake Snyder. 

After several years of writing and editing for producers and other screenwriters her curiosity led her into writing novels. As a huge fan of Young Adult and New Adult literature this is where her pen tends to lead her. However, she does have plans to release a few middle grade fiction and adult novels in the future.

Jennifer attributes her love of reading and writing to her mother who always reminded her of the power of literacy. Besides telling her and her siblings that they could do anything they wanted if they knew how to read and write, she said, "You can go anywhere in a book. You can be anyone."

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July 21, 2015

Cover Discover Tuesday: Artwork - Paintings

If you're new to Cover Discover, it's a feature just for the fun of it in which we judge books by their covers.  Both frontlist and backlist are included, and you get to vote for your favorites.  The results will be posted the following week with the next Cover Discover poll.

Here's the results from last week's Cover Discover: Typeface

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What book did you pick?  


Here are today's choices:


July 20, 2015

What I'm Reading Now 7.20.15

 This week I am at the beach, trying to vacay as well as recover from the accident Friday night.  Hopefully I get some good R&R in!  

This is everything I've been reading for the past 2 weeks up until this past Saturday.  I finished 4 books, which makes me feel like I've really accomplished something this week! lol

So what about you?  
What did you read this week?  What are you planning to read next?


A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
*TBR Pile*
Pages Read This Week:55

I Am Not a Slut: Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internet by Leora Tanenbaum
This Week: 57-100%
Pages Read:131
Review to Come.

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
*Travel the World in Books Readalong*
Pages Read:308
Review to come.

Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff
*Gift from Sandie*
Pages Read:134
Recommended for all mystery/suspense lovers!


The White Queen (The Cousins' War #1) by Philippa Gregory
Thoughts This Week: Simply put, the more I read, the more I disliked Elizabeth Woodville.  I found myself resenting picking up the book.  That's not a good sign.



Becoming Darkness by Lindsay Francis Brambles
On pg. 142 of 485
Pages Read This Week:41
Thoughts This Week: 


The Fire Sermon (Fire Sermon #1) by Francesca Haig
# of Pages: 384
This Week: 15-36%
Pages Read This Week: 80
Thoughts: Great pacing, characters, and story arc.

Mary Hades (Mary Hades #1) by Sarah Dalton
# of Pages: 286
This Week: 5-28%
Pages Read This Week: 66
Thoughts This Week: So far so good. It's got the same slow build-up of creepiness as the prequel.

Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran
# of Pages: 352
This Week: 0-18%
Pages Read This Week: 63
Thoughts This Week:  Very interesting story. I haven't read a story on Indian royalty before.


 The Vagabond Vicar by Charlotte Brentwood
# of Pages: 279
This Week: 0-9%
Pages Read This Week: 25
Thoughts This Week:  Great writing style and I think I will like finding out how these 2 get together.

 The Silver Swan by Elena Delbanca
# of Pages: 241
This Week: 0-15%
Pages Read This Week: 36
Thoughts This Week:  Well-written, great characters, and I want to know if she gets her cello mojo back after all the craziness that just happened.

Nothing right now.



Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
On pg. 417 of 627
Pages Read:112
Thoughts This Week: Thank the Scottish skies! I got to renew this until August 3rd.
I didn't take it to the beach. That's all I need is to lose it there and pay the library for it. So I will have time to finish it when I get back - yesss!

NON-ARCs from TBR Pile (For Fun):
aka Slower Reads generally

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee
*TBR Pile*
On pg. 144 of 592
Pages Read:0
Thoughts This Week: 

Angelbound (Angelbound Origins #1) by Christina Bauer
*TBR Pile*
# of Pages: 524
This Week: 0-9%
Pages Read: 47
Thoughts This Week: Very creative storyline.  I'm already addicted to it.


Total Books Currently Reading: 9
Total Books Read in 2015: 46
Pages Read This Update:1098
Total Pages Read in 2015: 14,597

One of these will be next.

 ~What are you reading right now?  
~What did you just finish?  
~What book are you looking forward to reading next?  
~Have you read any of the books I'm reading?  What did you think of it?

Share in the comments!!!