October 19, 2014

Dewey's Readathon Update Numero Tres

Me, while reading Sold.  Brothels are a bitch.

It's Dewey's Readathon!  
I'm having fun, are y'all?

Previous Updates: 

What I've Finished Reading:

Currently Reading:

Most Interesting Quotes:

"It's just my father. He won't hurt you."
Periwinkle glanced at Phinnegan.
"You've got that right, mate."
And then he was gone.

Phinnegan blinked at the empty space in front of him where the Fae had stood a moment before.

-A Place Beyond the Map by Samuel Thews

Current Reading Spot:

Current Snack Stuffs:

Starbucks Vanilla Chai Latte
Pizza for dinner
Lots of Coca-Cola with life-saving caffeine!


Twitter, Goodreads, and I visited some participating blogs!


Books Read: 4
Pages Read: 435

How are you doing with the readathon?

October 18, 2014

Dewey's #Readathon Update Numero Dos

It's Dewey's Readathon!  
How has your readathon been so far?

Previous Updates: 

What I've Finished Reading:

Another 1st of the series comic, Hacktivist.

Currently Reading:

Most Interesting Quotes:

"Inside the bundle Ama packed for me are:
my bowl,
my hairbrush,
the notebook my teacher gave me for being the number one girl in school,
and my bedroll.

In my head I carry:
my baby goat,
my baby brother,
my ama's face,
our family's future.

My bundle is light.
My burden is heavy."

-Sold by Patricia McCormick

Current Reading Spot:

My bed and walking up and down the hall when I got tired of sitting!
I figure my bed will be off limits after a certain hour or I will fall asleep.

Current Snack Stuffs:

I made brownies and Rotel Dip.  Yummm.


Hour 4 Mini-Challenge: Quotable Quotes

I also got to take a 2.5 hour break and meet Kristen of BookNAround while she and her son were on a campus tour of the university here.  It was fun!


Books Read:  3
Pages Read: 328

Now back to my regularly scheduled programing:

How are you doing so far?
Have you finished books?
Done any mini-challenges?
What are you working on now?

Dewey's Readathon Update Numero Uno

It's Dewey's Readathon!  
I'm having fun, are y'all?

Previous Updates: 

What I've Finished Reading:


Both of these were short but that's how you gotta start the readathon - with a sense of accomplishment!

Currently Reading:

Most Interesting Quotes:

"A son will always be a son, they say. But a girl is like a goat. Good as long as she gives you milk and butter. But not worth crying over when it's time to make a stew."
~Sold by Patricia McCormick

Current Reading Spot:

Reading at the end of my bed.
Why, yes, my pillow case IS too small for the body pillow.  
Oh well.

Current Snack Stuffs:

I haven't started snacking yet, as I ate a bit of breakfast before things got started.

Tweeting up a storm.  How did I get anything read? It's a mystery.
I also participated in the Tea or Coffee Mini-Challenge.


Books Read: 2
Pages Read: 92

How are you doing with the readathon?

DUDE! Dewey's READATHON is here!

It's Dewey's Readathon time!

I've got my books ready to read and my water beside me.
I'm comfy, lying on my bed with my head at the foot and feet at the head.
Because that's how you roll when it's #readathon time!

I didn't make a stack today, just a loose plan.
I'm letting today be flexible and spontaneous!
I did get up this morning and head to the grocery store to procure some snacks. 
Later I will make some Rotel and Velveeta dip and some brownies! 

I will be updating every couple of hours here on the blog.
I will probably be mostly on Twitter.
I will also be updating on Goodreads.
I will be updating on Instagram sometimes.
Periodically I will update my Tumblr. I'm trying to really get that thing going again!

I want to give a pre-thank you to all of the cheerleaders today.
I am not cheering officially today, but I have done it most readathons and I know it is hard work!
You all rock and we are very, very thankful for volunteering!


Off to read!  Have fun, everybody!

October 17, 2014

Blogger Shout-Outs! #14

This week has been a bit hectic and stressful because of my disability hearing on Wednesday.  So I did not post much this week.  But I did get a chance to browse my reader, yay!

 What is your favorite shout-out this week?


1. Carolina G's review of Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina on A Girl That Likes Books.

2. The Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer review at Reading is My Treasure is an interesting read and well-written.

3. Shannon's review of Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Pollitt put the book on my radar (not to mention her Instagram account!) and now it is #1 on my TBR list of books to acquire post haste.

4. I want to read Tomboy by Liz Prince thanks to Bookalicious Mama's review and Bermudaonion's review.

5. I always love a review of Poe, like these from Litha.



1. Last Friday, Aarti wrote about reading diversely AND authentically, a timely topic many of us have been discussing on our blogs and on Twitter.

2. April had an awesome post via a Six Degrees of Separation in Books Meme and went with Orwell's 1984, one of my fave books.

3. Jennifer of The Relentless Reader raves about her indie bookshop, making me wish even more desperately there was one anywhere near here.

4. Jamie listed 8 reasons she struggles to put down a book.  Do you share any of these struggles?  I identify with 2, 7, and 8.  But I DNF much easier than she does in the end.  I might be missing out but then again life's too short for books not doing it for me, right? Reassurance?

5. Florinda talks tech.  What devices do you use to blog?  To read? To interact on social media?  

6. I enjoyed Vivienne's interview with Sita Brahmachari, an author I had not heard of yet.


1. Nonfiction November!  Hosted by yours truly, as well as Kim @ Sophisticated Dorkiness, Leslie @ Regular Rumination, and Katie @ Doing Dewey!  So excited.

2. I recently found out about and signed-up for Sci-Fi November, too, over at Oh, the Books! and Rinn Reads.

3. Don't forget!  DEWEY'S 24 HOUR READATHON is this weekend!  Do you have your stack of books ready?


1. Check out the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop via Shelf Confessions and then visit the rest of the hop participants!

2. Anna @ Anna's Book Blog is giving away some Halloween goodies, including DVDs, books, and candy!

3. Kimba the Caffeinated Reviewer is giving away Penguin Classic's re-release of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories.

4. Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf is giving away The Penguin Book of Witches.


1. Beth of Fueled by Fiction
2. Trish
3. Leah of Books Speak Volumes
4. FNG_Cynic
5. Julie S.
6. Sue Jackson
7. Guiltless Reading
8. Jessica (Books: a true story)
9. Shelleyrae
10. Lory @ Emerald City Book Reviews
11. Savvy Working Gal
12. Deborah
13. Tanya M.
14. Mallory @ The Local Muse
15. Freda Mans
16. Beth @ Fueled By Fiction
17. Katie @ Doing Dewey
18. Trisha Dandurand


*I will be awarding the top 6 commenters with some bookish swag at the end of the year!*

1. Tanya M.
2. Bermudaonion (Kathy)
3. Charleen Lynette
4. Tasha B.
5. Emma @ Words and Peace
6. April (The Steadfast Reader)

YOU! Could be on this list.
Leave comments, win prizes as thanks!

October 13, 2014

What I'm Reading, Folks. 10/13/14

This week I finished a book and read a short memoir called Out of Dublin.  I made a lot of progress with A Discovery of Witches and A Tale for the Time Being and I am enjoying all the books I have going right now.  Yay!

How was your reading week?  


Sweet Tooth: A Memoir by Tim Anderson
*For Fun*
Last Week: 114 pages
This Week: 69 pages
Thoughts: Review to come soon!

Out of Dublin by Ethel Rohan
Goodreads Link
*For Review from She Writes Press*
Pages Read: 38
Thoughts: This 10,000 word memoir about loss and resilience and things left unspoken is beautifully touching.


Against the Country: A Novel by Ben Metcalf
Goodreads Link
*For Review from Random House and Netgalley*
This Week: 0-10%
Pages Read: 34
Thoughts: The style is wholly bizarre, more reminiscent of  the style centuries ago, yet it is a contemporary setting.


The Review Books:

Becoming Un-Orthodox: Stories of Ex-Hasidic Jews by Lynn Davidman
*For Review from Oxford University Press via Net Galley*
Last Week:14-28%
This Week: 28-50%
Pages Read: 60
Thoughts: I am disappointed to find that the introduction gave everything away.  There's nothing more to discover, except going more in depth.  Definitely a scholarly book the way it is written and organized, but I still expected to find at least something surprising in there.

Nest by Esther Ehrlich
*For Review from Random House Children's via Net Galley*
Last Week: 16-32%
This Week: 32-47%
Pages Read This Week: 43
Thoughts:  Poor Chirp.  I hope things work out!

The Hidden Ones (Legacy of the Watchers #1) by Nancy Madore
*For Review from Author*
Last Week: 30-41%
This Week: 41-54%
Pages Read: 58
Thoughts: It's just this weird, fascinating story of ancient, mythological stories that perhaps could be true.  Maybe giants like Gilgamesh and David's giant existed.  Maybe Nephalim really wandered the Earth.  Perhaps all of these stories, though are clues to a terrorist plot now. Pretty damn interesting for a plot that is mostly Nadia storytelling!

The Aftermath by Jen Alexander
*For Review from Harlequin Teen*
Last Week: 0-15%
This Week: 15-41%
Pages Read: 80
Thoughts: I thought Alexander talked down to the readers in the beginning, but it has since gotten much more interesting.  I am not predicting everything anymore.  I like that.

The Reading For Fun Books:

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
*For Fun*
On pg. 154 of 579
Last Week: 92 pages
This Week: 96 pages
Thoughts: I genuinely like these characters.  The plot is engaging.  
So far, this is a win for me.

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
*Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge*
Pg. 299 of 422
Last Week: 18 pages
This Week: 93 pages
Thoughts: Love Jiko.  I wonder if we get more Jiko time.  The auction was so hard to read. 

Heller's Revenge (Heller Series #2) by J.D. Nixon
*For Fun, Borrowed from Mom*
Last Week: 35-55%
This Week: 55-67%
Pages Read: 36
Thoughts: Still enjoying, if slowly.


Total Pages Read Last Week: 659
Total Pages Read THIS Week: 607

Books Reading for Review: 5
Books Reading for Readalongs/Challenges: 1
Books Reading for the Fun of It: 2

Total Books Currently Reading: 8
Total Books Read So Far This Year: 82



~What are you reading right now?  
~What did you just finish?  
~What book are you looking forward to reading next?  
Share in the comments