March 31, 2015

Cover Discover: Your Next Topic Choice was....

If you're new to Cover Discover, it's a feature about book covers, both frontlist and backlist, just for the fun of it.  Then there is a poll on which covers are your favorites!  The poll is at the bottom of the post and next week I will post the results along with a new poll to vote on!

Here are the results from last week's poll for Patterns: Polka Dots and Circles.
Your Favorite Book Cover

Second Place:

Did your pick get top honors?

The topic you picked this week: PATHS
I'm kind of glad you guys picked this topic because I am a huge sucker for paths in any kind of art, including book covers. To me, paths convey movement, travel, anti-stagnation. 


Now on to the voting!  

March 30, 2015

My Month in Movies

Thought I would bring back movies and music features every once in a while.  Here's some movies that I've watched in the last couple of months. Note I never go to the theater so these are all Netflix viewings.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Pakistani professor Changez Khan regales a journalist with his U.S. experiences in the opening scene of this compelling post-9/11 drama. As their chat continues, however, it emerges that Khan has much more on his mind than the past.

I have not read the book, but I would love to still.  A good movie that shows choices are not always black and white, and neither are life paths.


12 Years a Slave
The autobiography of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was abducted from New York state and sold into slavery in the mid-1800s, serves as the basis for this historical drama. Chiwetel Ejiofor stars as Northup, and Brad Pitt plays an abolitionist.

Emotionally gut-wrenching film about both the dregs of the human race pretending they are better than other people because of a completely arbitrary factor.  Lupita Nyong'o was absolutely amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  I felt like I was really watching that scene happening (those who have watched it know which scene I'm referring to).  I really recommend this film.


As a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission embarks on a space walk with a seasoned astronaut, debris strikes their craft and destroys it -- leaving the two floating through space tethered together, with no connection to Earth.

Beautiful film but incredibly slow and boring.  Not to mention it was not realistic, scientifically accurate, and just complete nonsense. I really don't get how people thought this was such a great movie.


Alexandr's Price
Struggling to make ends meet, an illegal immigrant turns to escorting and soon finds himself sinking into the dark world of New York City's sex trade.

Only partial nudity. Alexandr finds himself in a pickle after his mother kills herself.  He's illegal and does not have a work visa.  A friend suggests he ask for a job from a guy she knows.  He ends up offering Alexandr a job as a male stripper and things spiral out of control from there.  Alexandr is easily likable, a guy with a lot of heart.


Round-Up for Women's Lit Event 2015

ICYMI, here is a master list of all the guest posts from the event.

Favorite Female Authors from Across the Pond by Helen of My Novel Opinion

International Female Authors by Tanya M. of Mom's Small Victories

Women and Words by audiobook narrator Amy Rubinate

March 29, 2015

LGBTQ Lit: Quality Books to Read

March is Women's History Month.  Every March at I'm Lost in Books I spin that into the Women's Lit Event celebrating female authors and their work.  I have some lovely authors and bloggers who will be sharing with us.  Today please welcome a very special guest blogger, Avery.  She's the daughter of Jennifer of The Relentless Reader.  She's fifteen and she's kind of awesome.  Leave her a comment at the end and give her some love. :)

Gay Lit

As a young gay reader I always want to read books I can relate to. That's one of the main things that really makes a book great, in my opinion. Naturally, I keep my eyes open for books with queer characters but I've never really been one to actively seek out queer books. Mostly because there are so many that aren't of quality. There are too many clich├ęs, too much poor writing, and too many LGBTQ+ books made into weird erotica.

There should be representation for every letter in LGBTQ+, but I'm mainly focused on the L, of course. I think it's so important for there to be more lesbians in books. Main characters are almost always straight and much of YA Lit is dedicated to love stories. As a lesbian it’s hard to relate to straight characters, and it’s doubly hard to relate to straight romances.

Luckily, I have a very supportive family and I don't struggle with being comfortable with my sexuality. But there are so many young people who do have issues and representation is key in making them feel like less of an oddity.

I don't want this post to be negative so let’s get into where you can find some good queer books. First, here are two books that I personally recommend:

38990  20312458
Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

Here are a few websites where you can find LGBTQ+ literature, too:

Please leave Avery a comment!  
Have you read LGBTQ lit yet?
What books on LGBTQ have you read?  
Do you recommend them?  
What are your thoughts on finding gay lit without the stereotypes or lackluster plots/writing?

March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life

A Day In the Life

The lovely Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity, came up with a cool blogger event for today.  She asked if everyone could post on March 27th a day in their life.  Well, my days are never very typical but I gave it a go!

9am: - Woke up. Took my first myriad of pills, including pain pills.  They take a while to work so I lay in bed for most of the next 30 minutes.

9:30am - Called and talked to my boyfriend on the phone. He's the best.

10:30am - I'm exhausted (what else is new?) but I start a load of laundry. Get my poor mom to carry the basket for me as I still can't lift and carry it without a lot of pain.  I can take care of all other aspects of laundry except for getting it there and back. Sigh.

10:45am - Drink half a bottle of water and eat some almonds.  More meds.

11:00am - Return phone calls, check my e-mail, and make sure my blog post posted. 

11:30am - Throw clothes in the dryer.  Finish returning e-mails. 

11:45am - Right leg starts spasming so I have to sit and rest for a long time while drinking water and hoping an extra Lyrica will calm it down.  I take a small dose at night for Restless Legs Syndrome and just to calm my nerves in general. They like to fire off like fireworks sometimes.

12:30pm - Legs better now. Eat a Lean Cuisine. I'm not full. Is anyone full after eating a Lean Cuisine?  Eat a banana, too.  More meds.

1:00pm - Clothes are sitting in the dryer because I cannot bring them inside. I read some more in The Witch of Painted Sorrows.

1:30pm - Work more on Blogger Shout-Outs post. Declare everyone is writing amazing things.

2:20pm - My friend's daughter, N, who is 5 (and a 1/2!) comes over with my sister. Give her a snack and she tells me where to find her Minecraft doll so I can tell my bf so he can get one for his son.  Then we draw!  I finish up some paintings and N draws extremely detailed Minecraft characters.  Love it.

3:30pm - Collapse from fatigue.  Recall with utmost nostalgia the days when I could teach 18 5-year-olds for 6 hours.  Being sick sucks.  Oh, also more meds. 

4:30pm - Eat an early dinner.

5:00pm - Write a letter to a friend of mine.  Talk more to the bf.  Work on blog.

6:00pm - Yoga and stretching. Very gentle yoga. More meds to help me through it.  Try not to think about the days when I could do yoga for an hour, then go hiking for 2 hours, and go dancing later that night.  It's very easy to fall into the trap of before you were sick/after you were sick.  Comparisons come easily but they will only hurt your pride.

6:30pm - Talk on Twitter while watching old episode of The Vampire Diaries and working on the blog (multitasking FTW!).  Fatigued but okay.  Put heat on my SI joint and right hip.

7:30pm - Go to my best friend, Ali's, house to hang out.  She had a shit day and needed to drink some wine and have some laughs.  And since I'm hilarious (let's be honest) I am to the rescue. ;)  Take meds before I go and while I'm there.

11:30pm - Get home, take a shower even though I'd really rather fall in the floor asleep.

12:00am - Have a snack because I am ravenous.  Haven't had anything in 7 hours and I know I won't sleep this hungry.  Have some hot tea, too. Yum.  More meds.

12:30am - Realize I never finished the post for tomorrow so I do that because I know I won't have time in the morning.  Gotta do the comments section!

1:00am - I am now wide awake so I end up watching another Vampire Diaries episode (this is seriously my third re-watch of this series.  Very unlike me but the show comforts me for some reason.)

2:30am - Turn off TV to read a little in Mademoiselle Chanel.  Take nighttime meds.  Fall asleep reading.

Get woken up 5 times in the next hour by the cats because they are evil.  Finally get some actual sleep around 4am.  And that's why I am wondering why I am about to take a nap....

Blogger Shout-Outs #29 - Little Miss Evil, Shameless Reading Spots, and More

Welcome to the Book Blogger Shout-Outs, where I share some of my favorite posts from the week in the blogosphere. 
I have some great links for you this week.
I hope you enjoy!



1. Persona by Genevieve Valentine @ The Book Smugglers

2. Three Britishisms Explained in That's Not English @ Books Speak Volumes

3. Mildred Pierce by James M. McCain @ Olduvai Reads

4. Little Miss Evil by Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen @ The Narrative Causality

5. The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook @ Wordsmithsonia

6. Ms. Marvel #1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson @ Tif Talks Books and at eclectic/eccentric

7. The Miracles of Prato by Laurie Albanese and Laura Morowitz @ Bermudaonion's Weblog

8. Hausfrau: I'm Not Buying the Hype @ Sarah's Book Shelves

The Listener by Rachel Basch

9. Moving Forward Sideways like a Crab by Shani Mootoo @ A Girl that Likes Books

10. The Listener by Rachel Basch @ River City Reading

11. Wouldn't it Be Deadly by D.E. Ireland (Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins #1) @ Carstairs Considers

12. Alex + Ada, Volume 1 by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn @ In the Forest of Stories


1. Jessica @ Books: A True Story explores what she wants her blog to be known for. A great introspective question, and post.

2. Wesley @ Library Educated made a form letter for authors who really need the help when sending out review requests. (We all know some, don't we?)

3. Shannon discusses her favorite tropes @ River City Reading

4. Ti @ Book Chatter talks Shameless Reading Spots.  I wish I had one.

5. What I've learned from nearly four months of blogging daily @ Ms. Bookish

6. Women's History Month Notable Women Series: Gwendolyn Brooks @ Rhapsody in Books

7. She thinks she didn't do a good job, but I liked several new phrases that Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos came up with to shorten the term blogging buddies!

8. Epic Times with 3 Epic Reads Powerhouse Authors @ We Heart YA

9. In the new series "If I Could..." on Ellesbelles Bookshelf, she builds the Female Book Character that she would be.

10. Thoughts on my "slow reading" of the classics...@ The Well-Read Redhead



1. Cloud Atlas Readalong in April! Find out more at Bookish Tendencies.

Inspiration on Monday

2. Trish at Love, Laughter, and Insanity is starting a new link-up for celebrating all of your creative pursuits! Love it.


3.  These five ladies just opened up The Socratic Salon, a blog that's like a book club where they discuss and analyze the books they read more in-depth.


1. Monika @ The Lovely Bookshelf is giving away That's Not English by Erin Moore

2. Mademoiselle Chanel by C.W. Gortner giveaway @ The Maiden's Court as part of a blog tour.

3. There's four, count 'em four, giveaways at YA Romantics. (INT)


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